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Zip-Lining Tips for Beginners in Los Cabos

We all love that feeling of pure adrenaline when we are about to do something out of the ordinary: the heart racing, limbs shaking and where everything goes out of your brain and all you are focusing on is the task at hand.

If you are in Los Cabos and you are looking at Cabo San Lucas tours, you should definitely check our different Cabo zip line tours, which are great for beginners as they provide that experience of adrenaline while also being very safe.

If you are seeking to go zip-lining soon in Los Cabos, you may benefit from these tips in this article to help you enjoy the experience as best as possible.


Los Cabos is a warm climate pretty much all year round, so you will want to make sure that you have light clothing on and that it will be comfortable as some zip lining tours may last a while. Avoid flip flops and sandals as you will be in the air and you don’t want to lose your footwear!

Listen to the Guides

Your guides know what they are doing, and they wouldn’t tell you the wrong information. Their goal is to get you across in a safe and secure manner, so make sure you do what they say.

Think About Safety

If something doesn’t feel right, then let your guides know. The absolute priority is to ensure your safety across the zip line. Although accidents are extremely unlikely, you should be wary of your equipment and surroundings.

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Don’t Rush

Remember the experience should be fun! Don’t feel the need to rush if you don’t want to.

Take in the Moment

These kinds of things probably won’t happen many times in your life but when they do happen, you should make the most of the experience and enjoy the moment.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the best experience for a Wild Canyon Cabo zipline tour. We have different zipline tours for whatever level you are. Our guides will ensure you a safe and memorable experience for all of these Cabo San Lucas tours.

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