Wild Canyon Adventures

Just because most people come to Cabo San Lucas to relax and soak up the sun, it doesn’t mean we don’t have adventures for the absolute thrill seekers! Wild Canyon Adventures has a multitude of different activities for everyone to enjoy. But the most adrenaline rushing is the Cabo San Lucas bungee jumping. The elegantly titled, “Bungee Bomber,” is a gondola-based bungee jump from a height of 300 ft above the ground. Just the trip in the gondola is exciting as the glass floor gives you a knee trembling ride through the sky. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you plunge into the canyon, riding the best bungee jump in Los Cabos!

If jumping solo is a little too thrilling, the park also has a sling swinger Los Cabos you can do while gripping on to the person of choice (or solo again for the bravest of adventurers). This swing isn’t anything like the one in the park from your childhood. You will again take a gondola up to your swinging destination and jump off to travel at speeds of 120km/h. You and a friend can experience the sensation of the strong winds rushing under you as if you were hang-gliding!

Towards the end of the tour we also would recommend that you check out more park activities such as the birds and reptile sanctuary. This is where guests can feed the beautiful lovebirds, see macaw birds do some tricks and get close to the jaw snapping crocodiles.

Safety is our number one concern and we can assure that all of the vendors we work with implement the upmost safety regulations in order to give you the best experience possible. For safety there are strict weight and age limits on both of these adventures. For guests that want to jump into a thrilling canyon, they must be between 90lbs – 240lbs. Guest that want to swing over the lush wilderness with a buddy or solo must have a combined weight less than 396lbs. Both require a minimum age of 10.

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If you are ready to start your adventure, get in contact with one of our advisers and ask about our Cabo extreme adventures!

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