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Why Kayaking Is A Great Exercise

Kayaking is a great sport that people do around the world.  Not only can it be done in rivers, but also in lakes, oceans, and any other body of water.  There are different reasons why people love to kayak.  The first reason is that they simply enjoy doing it.  This is because when you kayak, it’s a relaxing experience where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.  Another reason that people love to do it is because it’s a great workout; here’s why:

There are many physical benefits of kayaking.  To start, it’s a great workout to improve the strength of your arms and forearms.  This is because when you paddle, you work against the water, which helps develop your muscles.  It also helps build your shoulder, back, and chest muscles because you have to lift the paddle, push the paddle, and twist your upper body.  It’s even great cardio, which helps strengthen your heart.  In addition, it improves your grip, increases core strength, and improves lower body strength.

When you’re on vacation, you may not be motivated to go to the gym, but you could go on a Cabo kayak tour to get a great workout in.  At Only Cabo Tours, we have two different kayak tours that you can choose from.  The first one is the Glass Bottom Kayak/Snorkel Tour at the Arch.  On this tour, you’ll get to combine two different tours in one: kayaking and snorkeling.  We’ll go to the famous Arch where you can see multicolored fish, dolphins, and even sea lions.

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The second tour that we offer is called the Glass Bottom Kayak and Snorkel at Santa Maria & Chileno Bay.  Instead of going to the Arch, this tour takes you to two great spots for kayaking and snorkeling.  The first area is called Santa Maria; this area is surrounded by cliffs, making it a great place to snorkel.  The second place, Chileno Bay, is a calm bay where you can kayak, swim, and snorkel.

If you love working out, experiencing new areas, and seeing exotic marine life, then you should go on one of our Cabo kayak tours.  To learn more about these activities, contact us today.

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