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Which is the Best Time of the Day for Kayaking?

If you are ready to book your kayak tour through Only Cabo Tours, you have made the perfect choice. However, you may be wondering what time of the day is the most ideal to go on such a tour. Certainly, tour operators offer such tours in the morning, afternoon or evening. However, your kayaking experience will certainly vary depending on the time of the day …so which time is the perfect one for going on a kayak tour?

If you are a beginner kayaker, then taking a tour in the morning would be the best idea. In the morning, the waters are generally calmer so the conditions are more serene for taking such a tour. In the afternoon things may get a little more complicated with stronger winds on the sea. If this is what you want to avoid, then book your kayak tour through Only Cabo Tours in the morning. Kayaking in the early hours of the day is the best, especially if you want to avoid crowds, and more extenuating paddling sessions. The water temperature is more agreeable in the morning, so if you are also up for a swim this is the perfect time of the day. With fewer people in the water, you will also have more freedom and time to reflect and enjoy that kayaking tour.

The time of the day you choose for kayaking will typically influence how enjoyable and easy it is to paddle. Some people prefer to go kayaking later in the afternoon, but this is true mostly for the most experienced kayakers out there.

  • The general temperature of the air and water are more enjoyable in the mornings
  • There is less wind, so less force needed to paddle
  • A calmer time out on the sea, with fewer people on the water (fewer boats, fewer swimmers, etc.)
  • The morning offers you the perfect atmosphere for enjoying kayaking- start your day with quietness and calmness
  • The entire experience of starting your day with a push onto the waters is a unique and empowering experience
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