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What is the Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade, and why should you not miss it

If you enjoy shows filled with color, magic, and fun, you cannot miss the Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade, a unique event that takes place every year in December as part of the Christmas celebrations in this tourist destination.

The Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade consists of a procession of floats, musical bands, dance groups, and, of course, large helium balloons shaped like characters, animals, and objects related to Christmas. The balloons measure between 6 and 7 meters in height by 3 meters in diameter and are raised to about 15 meters above ground level, creating a stunning landscape in the sky of Los Cabos.

The Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade takes place on two consecutive days in the two main cities of this municipality: Cabo San Lucas and San JosΓ© del Cabo. On the first day, the parade starts from the Cultural Pavilion of the Republic and ends at Puerto ParaΓ­so square in Cabo San Lucas. On the second day, the parade starts from Las Palmas park and concludes at the Fire Station in San JosΓ© del Cabo. Both days, the parade begins at 6 p.m. and lasts approximately two hours.

The Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade is an initiative of the DIF System, aiming to provide free and safe family entertainment for the residents and visitors of Los Cabos. The event is supported by the General Directorate of Public Safety, responsible for closing the streets along the parade route and ensuring the order and protection of attendees.

The Los Cabos Giant Balloon Parade is an opportunity to enjoy the joy and Christmas spirit in this beautiful place. Additionally, it is a perfect excuse to explore the attractions and services that Los Cabos offers, such as its beaches, hotels, restaurants, bars, and tours. If you want to book your trip to Los Cabos, we recommend visiting OnlyCabo Tours website, where you can find the best prices and options for accommodation, transportation, and activities. At OnlyCabo Tours, we offer tours that take you to the best places to see the Giant Balloon Parade, such as Lover’s Beach, the Arch of the End of the World, Zeta Hill, or the Cabo Falso Lighthouse. We also provide everything you need to make your experience unforgettable: transportation, guide, breakfast, drinks, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, paddleboards, and much more.

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