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Top Souvenirs You Need From Los Cabos

When you’re in Los Cabos, your time will be filled with exciting activities such as camel safaris in Cabo San Lucaswhale watching in Los Cabos, and Los Cabos tours.  When you have some free time, though, make sure you stock up on fun souvenirs for you and your family.  Not only will souvenirs be a great way to remember your trip, but you’ll have just as much fun shopping for them!  Here are 5 of the souvenirs that you should get while in Cabo San Lucas.


There are many places that you can find brightly colored and carefully designed pottery around Los Cabos.  You can bring home ceramic plates, mugs, frames, and dishes in every color.  Not only is this a beautiful souvenir, but this is something that will have a practical use in your house.


Aside from pottery, you can also find other artwork ranging from paintings to sculptures.  Mexico has a big diversity in cultures, meaning there is a big variety in artwork as well.  You can visit one of the many stores to find this, or you can discover people in the street painting and selling their own artwork.


It never hurts to return home with a bottle of your favorite liquor from Los Cabos.  There are tequila and mezcal tasting tours that you can join to find your preferred bottle.


You can find many people in the street selling their handmade jewelry.  Each piece of jewelry is different because each person puts their own personality and culture into the jewelry.  Jewelry from Los Cabos will give your outfit a unique and colorful touch.

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Fill your suitcase with delicious candy to share with your loved ones back home.  There are many candies with tamarind, which is paired with mango, watermelon, and other flavors.  The sweet and spicy candies from Los Cabos will give your taste buds an exotic, yet amazing flavor.

When you finish your Los Cabos tours, make sure to spend the evening walking through the streets and purchasing fun souvenirs.  These souvenirs will help you and your loved ones reminisce in your time in Los Cabos.

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