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Tips for Your Trip to Los Cabos

Many people choose Los Cabos as their vacation destination because it checks off every box: it has beautiful beaches, water activities, amazing food, mountains, friendly locals, hot weather, culture, and even a desert. If you’re getting ready to take your vacation, you’re probably planning out every detail.  When you’re doing so, there are some factors that you should keep in mind.  Here are some tips to consider while planning your trip:

There Are Two Cabos

The first thing to consider is that there are two Cabos that are located 45 minutes from each other.  The first one, San Jose del Cabo, is the older, more residential town.  The other one, Cabo San Lucas, is the resort town filled with restaurants, clubs, and tons of excursions.  Most people choose to stay in Cabo San Lucas, but it’s a personal preference.

When to Book

You’ll need to book your trip at a time that fits your schedule, but also that fits your preferences.  In autumn, for example, there are less people and the tickets are usually cheaper, but there is a better chance of rain.  Or maybe you want to go whale watching in Los Cabos, which means you should go from December to April.  Make sure to consider the different activities, weather, and price of tickets before choosing a date.

Prepare for the Beach

No matter when you go to Los Cabos, you should be ready to get in the water.  This means you should pack accordingly, and make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen.  If you or your children don’t know how to swim, you can prepare for this trip by practicing your swimming skills at the pool.  That way you’ll be prepared for Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tours or Cabo kayak tours.

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When you’re booking your trip to Los Cabos, make sure to consider the tips from this article.  If you have any questions about our Los Cabos tours or need airport transportation, conta

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