The Water Life You Will Encounter in the Oceans of Los Cabos

Each Ocean on this Earth has different characteristics. They are located in different parts of the world, meaning they offer lots of different forms of life beneath the surface, and there are some parts of the world where the ecosystem is much more exciting.

Los Cabos is located on the West Coast of Mexico, so it is exposed to the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is a very tropical and exotic ocean which is vastly unexplored. There is much sea life there and for people going on holiday, they will be able to see plenty of different fish when in and around the water.

The best way to see the water life firsthand is to venture out into the sea! There are plenty of opportunities where you can go on scuba diving tours, fishing trips and snorkeling tours in Los Cabos. At Only Cabo Tours, we offer a large number of Cabo San Lucas tours giving you many options on how to make the most of your vacation.

So, let’s take a look at some of the fish you will likely spot when taking a dive into the water at Los Cabos.

  • Sting Rays – Stingrays are quite common in the waters of Los Cabos; they are usually passive unless provoked. They carry a bad stigma, but they do not typically pose a threat to those who admire from a distance and don’t interact.
  • Dorado Fish – If you are deciding on going on a fishing tour in Cabo San Lucas, getting hooked to one of these powerful and majestic creatures will give you one hell of a ride! A difficult catch but with high rewards.
  • Sierra Spanish Mackerel – Another one to find when on a fishing tour in Cabo San Lucas. These illustrious fish can grow very large in length, like the dorado, and they are very powerful and difficult to catch.
  • Red Snapper – You will likely see Red Snappers when on snorkeling tours in Los Cabos. These fish are very beautiful and passive creatures, not to forget how delicious they are!
  • Zebra Fish – These fish are very common coral fish that you will see plenty of when on snorkeling tours in Los Cabos. They usually swim in medium to large flocks, making it a very beautiful sight to see.
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If you are a keen explorer of the oceans and you want to see what amazing creatures lay beneath the surface in Los Cabos, contact us now at Only Cabo Tours to secure a place on one of our amazing Cabo San Lucas tours.

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