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The Need for Adrenaline

Humans are thrill-seekers.  Although not everyone loves the feeling that adrenaline brings, many of us do.  But, what exactly is adrenaline?  Adrenaline is a hormone that is produced in situations in which an individual is nervous or stressed.  When adrenaline is increased, a person will experience increased heart rate, constricting blood vessels, and increased blood flow to their muscles.  It also causes the release of dopamine in a person’s nervous system.  This is an intense feeling, but after the feeling of danger is gone, we are left with feelings of happiness and peace.

This feeling becomes addicting to many people, leaving them wanting to push their body to the limit to continue this sensation.  Some people even travel all over the world to get different versions of adrenaline.  At Only Cabo Tours, we offer Cabo extreme adventures to anybody that is looking for a thrill.  Here are the Cabo extreme adventures that you can find while in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Extreme Adventures

  • Cabo San Lucas bungee jumping β€“ This experience is good for beginners, as well as experienced bungee jumpers. On this tour, we’ll take you above a canyon where you can jump out of the structure and dive face first into the canyon.
  • Sling Swinger Los Cabos β€“ This activity allows you to swing over a canyon; it can be done alone or with a companion.
  • Wild Canyon Zip Line in Cabo β€“ These tours can be done during the day, or we also have a nighttime tour once a month when there is a full moon. Make sure to book the full moon tour in advance, as they fill up fast.
  • Cabo ATV tours β€“ ATVs are great for exploring any type of terrain. Cabo San Lucas has a diverse landscape that includes the desert, beach, and mountains.  Any person looking for adventure will want to go on this tour.
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If you’re looking for some adrenaline while in Cabo San Lucas, make sure to check out our Cabo extreme adventures.  To book a tour, reach out to one of our travel agents!

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