The Geography of Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is known for its beautiful beaches and water activities.  What people don’t know, though, is that Los Cabos is an interesting place to visit because of its diversity in geography.  Because of this, there are even more activities that you can participate in than you thought.  Here are the three types of landscapes that you can find in Cabo San Lucas, along with some of the activities that you can do in each of them.


Cabo San Lucas is known for its diverse marine life.  Los Cabos is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, and because of this, you can find lots of exotic and vibrant sea life.  It is also in these waters that Grey and Humpback Whales migrate to reproduce, meaning you’ll be able to see whales with their calves during your whale watching in Los Cabos tour.  In these beautiful waters, you can also enjoy Cabo fishing toursCabo snorkeling tours, and Cabo kayak tours.


Los Cabos is one of the few places where the desert reaches the Ocean.  In the Baja California Desert, there are many activities that you can participate in, while also having amazing beach views; this includes camel safaris in Cabo San Lucas or Cabo San Lucas ATV tours.


In Los Cabos you’ll also find the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains!  In these mountains there is also a big diversity in plant and animal life, meaning you’ll get to see many species that you’ve never seen before.  The Sierra de la Laguna Mountains is a great place to go hiking or horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas.

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At Only Cabo Tours, we want you to experience all that Los Cabos has to offer.  You can do this by venturing through the different environments here.  We have different Los Cabos tours so that you can pick the adventure and scenery that you want to experience.

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