Starting Your Day With An Authentic Breakfast From Los Cabos

At Only Cabo Tours, we have a wide range of excursions.  We have Cabo San Lucas snorkeling toursfishing tour in Cabo San Lucaswhale watching in Cabo San Lucas, and much more.  Some of these tours take the entire day, meaning it’s super important that you start your day right.  Many people have heard the expression, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and that’s especially true in Mexico.  Locals tend to eat a big breakfast and a light lunch, so there are many filling breakfasts to choose from before your Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour.  Here are some of the dishes you can choose from.


This is a must-try while you’re in Los Cabos.  This dish consists of tortilla chips covered in green or red salsa, chicken or eggs, sour cream, onions, and cheese.  Because of the flavors in the sauce, as well as the toppings, this meal is packed with flavor.

Huevos Divorciados

This dish is very common in restaurants in Mexico.  Huevos divorciados, or “divorced eggs”, are two over-easy eggs.  One of them is covered in green sauce and the other in red; this is how it got its name.  It is then accompanied with beans, avocado, and corn tortillas.

Pan Dulce con Café

This is translated as “sweet bread with coffee”.  Don’t worry about where you’ll find it, because there are places on every street selling fresh, delicious bread.  The mix of sweet bread and coffee make the perfect treat for breakfast.


Let’s not forget about the famous tamales.  Tamales are corn masa dough filled with meats, cheese, and vegetables.  This may seem a little heavy for some people in the morning, but it’s a great way to start your day!

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Before you spend the day at one of our Los Cabos tours, make sure you fill your stomach with a great breakfast!  If you need any recommendations on where to eat, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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