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Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

At Only Cabo Tours, we have a large variety of different excursions to enjoy.  We have activities that are in the water, excursions that take you through the desert and mountains, and even walking tours.  Among our many activities, one of our favorites is our Cabo snorkeling tour with whale sharks.  This article identifies why everyone should experience swimming with whale sharks.

They’re Huge

You may be wondering why this counts as a reason to do it.  The reason being is that when you’re actually next to this creature, you’ll be amazed at how you can swim next to something so huge.  It’s size in itself is spectacular.

They’re Friendly

Not only are they big, but they’re super friendly!  There’s nothing that you have to worry about on this tour.  You can swim through the water side-by-side and appreciate their harmlessness.

It’s a New Experience

When you’re on vacation, you should get out of your comfort zone!  Chances are, you’ve never gone snorkeling with whale sharks before, and you won’t get the opportunity very often either.  That’s why you should take advantage of it while you’re here.

Great Pictures

Let’s be honest, most of us do things just for the great picture opportunities.  Be ready to amaze your followers with the pictures from this excursion.

Most of the Family Can Go

We say “most” because you have to be over 8 years old to participate.  As long as all of your little ones are above 8 years old, then you have nothing to worry about!  The reason we put an age limit is because this activity requires rigorous swimming.

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Our Cabo snorkeling tour with whale sharks is a must-do when you’re in Cabo San Lucas.  To learn more about this tour, contact our experienced travel agents.

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