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Saddle Up In Cabo San Lucas

No adventure to Cabo is complete without a ride through the desert or on the beach. What better way to cruise through a canyon or ride down the Corridor Beach than on horseback? Enjoy the ride and relax while you and the family are led by your tour guide down the beautiful beaches. Horseback riding in Cabo has never been more accessible and safer. A $15-dollar fee is charged to enter the park for Corridor and Migiriño. We personally love Migiriño beach because it is an ideal place to enjoy miles of beautiful fresh air, warm sun and a cool breeze. You will be able to capture spectacular pictures as our guide takes you to the hillside overlooking the lovely beach! Keep in mind that you will be near the water and, while we do not plan on getting wet, it’s best to plan for it. (Related: horseback riding in Cabo, camel safari in Cabo)

If you do not wish to go horseback riding, we also have the Camel Safari in Cabo. The camels are very friendly and endearing animals, which makes this tour perfect for families! The camels are trained to interact with children, so no need to worry. The Camel Quest will take you on a journey through the El Tule oasis, located at the bottom of the canyon. Situated in the middle of the desert, the canyon features an oasis on the bottom, which keeps the vegetation lush and green. This adventure also offers a nice meal at the Lion’s Den Restaurant at the end of your journey.

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Cabo has a plethora of experiences for everyone to enjoy at Only Cabo Tours. Our team is ready to help you create life long memories and send you off on a wonderful experience. Contact Only Cabo Tours now and get your journey started!

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