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New Year’s Eve Traditions In Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a great place to spend New Year’s Eve because of its celebrations filled with dancing, food, drinks, friends and family, and fireworks.  Another fun way to bring in the New Year is to participate in the cultural activities that occur on New Year’s Eve in Los Cabos; here are some of the traditions you can partake in while in Los Cabos.  (Related topics: whale watching Cabo San Lucas, Cabo snorkeling tours, Cabo sunset cruise)


Lentils are associated with abundance and good fortune.  Some people leave lentils on their doorstep, while others keep them in their purse or eat lentil soup before or right after midnight.

Red or Yellow Underwear

Some people believe that red underwear will bring them love in the New Year, while yellow underwear will bring money and happiness.


During the 60 second countdown to 12:00, eat 12 grapes that each represent a wish.  If you eat all 12 grapes in the 60 seconds, your wishes will come true in the New Year and you will have good luck.

Gold Ring in Your Drink

To give yourself extra luck, drop a gold ring in your drink before cheersing at midnight.

Burning Negative Thoughts

To get rid of any negative thoughts or bad energy, it is tradition to write a list of all the bad things that happened, or is currently happening, and burn the paper.

Pack a Suitcase

On New Year’s Day, you will probably see people walking around their neighborhoods with a suitcase.  This is because people believe that this will promote traveling in the upcoming year.  In their suitcases, they will pack clothes that are relevant to what kind of trip they want to take, such as a swimsuit if they want to go to a beach.

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At Only Cabo Tours, we also offer excursions that you can do on New Year’s Eve so that your year ends in adventure.  Along with our many activities, make sure to participate in the cultural traditions that Los Cabos has to offer.

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