Mexican Independence Day

When many people think of Mexican Independence Day, they think of Cinco de Mayo.  This day, however, actually commemorates the First Battle of Pueblo between Mexican and French Forces.  Although many Americans get together and celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it doesn’t represent Independence Day.  Mexico’s real Independence Day falls on September 16th.  This day celebrates the “cry of independence”, which was made by Miguel Hidalgo.  This was the speech that motivated others to revolt against the Spaniards.  In the end, Mexico’s independence was not granted until September 28th, 1821.  That being said, this day continues to be celebrated on the 16th, as it was the changing point in their fight for independence.  (Related topics: Los Cabos tour guidesOnly Cabo Tours)

In Mexico, this day is a public holiday, meaning schools and businesses are closed.  This is a day spent with friends and family and celebrations can be seen all throughout Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas.  During this day, many streets will be closed due to locals celebrating in the streets.  You can expect to see Mexican flags, flowers, fireworks, confetti, dancing, singing, and delicious food.

When you originally made your travel plans to Cabo San Lucas, you probably planned to do  all of our great excursions, which includes Cabo snorkeling toursCabo kayak tours, and much more.  On this day, we will continue to have these tours, so make sure to check for availability, as this is a common day for families to go to the beach.

Although we still have these tours, we encourage you to spend some time admiring and participating in the celebration.  It’s events like this that help us to better understand a culture, so if you’re here on September 16th, don’t be afraid to join the fun!

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