How to Prepare for your Cabo Sunset Cruise

So, you have booked a gorgeous Cabo sunset cruise and you are ready to enjoy an unforgettable evening out on the water. Now you may be wondering what you should bring with you and what should you wear on your cruise. You do not want to pack too many things and of course you do not want to overdress for a chill evening on a cruise. Firstly, think about the most important items that you must have on you. For example, if you are taking prescription medication and the time you need to take them corresponds with your cruise, don’t forget to take the meds with you. Also remember to take with you a bottle of fresh water.

If you struggle with motion sickness, a good idea would be to bring with you such medicine. This way you can ensure that you will not feel dizzy or sick during your Cabo sunset cruise. There are many types of antihistamines available, both over-the-counter and prescription types. These are the most commonly used types of meds for motion sickness.

Now that you have packed your meds and a few other personal items, it is time to think about how to dress for your night out. On the description of your sunset cruise there is generally dress code information available. Carefully read this description, because there are some cruises that require a certain type of attire. However, generally you should dress very comfortably. Semi-formal attire is mainly required only of the cruise includes a multicourse sit-down meal during your cruise.

You take your cruise in the middle of the summer, but a night out on the water can become quite chilly even if it is summer. Therefore, remember to pack some outerwear with you – a light jacket, a cozy cardigan or sweater. Temperatures tend to become lower out on the open sea and the wind can also become heavier. Instead of having to spend your night indoors because you feel cold, it is much better to bring along comfortable outerwear. Pair your clothes with comfortable shoes as well, and your feet will thank you for that!

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