How to Plan your Upcoming Kayaking Adventure Cabo Tours

How to Plan your Upcoming Kayaking Adventure

Are you up for some great fun and adventure? Then, you should definitely check out the Cabo san lucas kayak tours and embark on a journey you will never forget. However before starting your journey, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind to get the best of your adventure at sea.

Always take an extra change of clothes and a towel with you

Kayak tours are filled with adventure…and plenty of water. Perhaps you decide to have a dip into the sea for a nice swim. If this is the case, having a nice and dry towel and a change of clothes is a good idea. Then, as you paddle in your kayak, your clothes can easily become soggy. This is yet another reason that speaks in favor of having a towel and some dry clothes on you.

Sunscreen is more important than ever

Cabo san lucas kayak tours represent the ideal day trips while you are vacationing in Cabo. However, since you will kayak on the open see and get full exposure to the sun it is imperative to apply sunscreen. Carefully apply sunscreen on exposed skin, but remember to do this well before embarking in your kayak so that the sunscreen cream/spray has a chance to absorb and dry on your skin.

Don’t forget your good pair of sunglasses + a hat

The water becomes highly reflective in full sun, so you should wear your polarized sunglasses throughout the trip. Your hat will also offer you protection from the heat of the sun, and thus you can enjoy a relaxing kayaking trip instead of “suffering” from eyes that hurt in the powerful sun. Also, if you constantly have to grin to keep the sun out of your eyes you will not be able to enjoy the amazing views in front of you.

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Water. Water. Water.

Kayaking is a sort of workout, so you need to pay attention to staying hydrated. This is why you should bring a bottle of fresh eater with you on your trip. Remember to take regular sips to keep hydration levels optimal.