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How to Plan your Kayak Adventure in Cabo San Lucas

There is a first time for everything and if you are looking at Cabo San Lucas kayak tours itโ€™s probably because you enjoy kayaking. 

Here are some basics & some preparation tips. The first thing is to pack lightly. However, you should include at least one towel and a change of clothes. You may not plan to go on a swim, but you may still get wet from paddling or perhaps falling into the water.ย  You should not paddle back in wet clothes, so bear in mind this when packing for yourย experience.

Cabo San Lucas kayak tours
Cabo San Lucas kayak tours

Always use sunscreen and bug spray before going on the tour. However, you should allow some time for these creams/sprays to dry on your skin before getting wet. Also, you should not forget your sunglasses and a hat or a cap. Remember that you are spending several hours out on the open waters, so you will get the sun in its full power on your skin. Wear a 50+ sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses, so that you can enjoy the views.

Something that most people forget is to stay hydrated during the tour. You should bring a bottle of water with you and remember to drink enough to stay hydrated during the trip. Kayaking is a physical workout, so you really need to stay hydrated. Remember to use a recyclable bottle and not a glass one.

Pack a light change of clothes, a small towel, your water and perhaps your camera. You should have light gear and pack lightly, so that you can ensure to enjoy the trip, instead of filing the kayak with all sorts of stuff that only makes everything heavier.

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