Cabo snorkeling tours

How to Choose the Right Snorkeling Tour

One of the biggest attractions of Cabo San Lucas is it’s beaches.  This is because the water surrounding Los Cabos has a huge coral reef, meaning it’s beautiful and has many exotic marine species.  For this reason, Cabo snorkeling tours are super popular tours for people that come here wanting to explore the ocean.  If it’s your first time, or even if you’re an experienced snorkeler, here are some tips to consider.

Snorkel with a Guide that You Trust

Although this is always important, it’s even more so if you’re new and nervous about this excursion.  The reason being is that an experienced guide will be able to walk you through what you need to know, while also acting as support while you’re in the water.

Choose the Right Spot

At Only Cabo Tours, we have a ton of tours to choose from.  Which one you choose depends on what your preferences and level of experience are.  When you talk to our travel agents, they’ll give you the best option depending on what you’re looking for.  Each tour also offers different things; for instance,  some include breakfast on the boat.

Decide if You Want to Swim with Whale Sharks

One of the amazing things about snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is that this is the home to many whale sharks.  Although many people are intimidated by these huge creatures, they are known as the “gentle giants of the sea.”  On this tour, you’ll have an experience like no other, and you’ll surely get amazing pictures and memories to share with your loved ones back home.

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The great thing about Cabo snorkeling tours is that there are excursions for both beginner and experienced divers.  When you’re in Los Cabos, don’t miss out on seeing the exotic marine life up-close.  To book your tour, contact us today.

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