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Horseback Riding in Cabo

While you’re in Los Cabos, one of the great activities you can experience is horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas.  At Only Cabo Tours, we offer 2 great horseback riding in Cabo tours.  The first one is Corridor Beach Horseback Riding; on this tour you will ride your horse down the beautiful Corridor Beach.  On the other tour, Migrino Beach Horseback Riding, you will ride your horse through Migrino Beach and ride to a hillside overlooking the beach.  Once you decide which horseback riding in Cabo tour you want, you should prepare for your trip.  Here are some tips for your horseback riding in Cabo San Lucasadventure.


It’s crucial that you wear proper clothing when horseback riding so that you’re not uncomfortable during the experience.  Although you’re at the beach, you should wear long pants; this helps to prevent your legs from chafing against the saddle.  You should also wear close-toed shoes and avoid wearing anything that will get tangled in the horse or saddle, such as a long purse.

Greet Your Horse

Just as you may be nervous about riding a horse, your horse may be cautious about having someone new riding him.  For you and your horse to feel comfortable, you should greet your horse by offering him the back of your hand to smell and then wait until he touches it with his nose; this is called the “horseman’s handshake”.  In addition, greet and ride your horse in confidence.  If you feel nervous, the horse will be able to sense it and may become nervous as well.

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The recommended position to ride your horse is sitting up straight, holding the reins gently, and placing each foot in the stirrup.  You may feel like you need to pull the reins with force to control you horse, but to stop or slow down your horse, you only need to gently pull back the reins.

At Only Cabo Tours, we have skilled Los Cabos tour guidethat will make your horseback riding in Cabo experience unforgettable. If you want something a little different, we also have camel safaris in

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