History Of Salsa Dancing

When you think of the word salsa, two things may come to mind.  The first is probably a delicious dipping sauce that is usually made from tomatoes and peppers.  The second thing that comes to mind should be the style of dancing.  Salsa is a dance and musical style with deep Caribbean and African roots.  This style of music is popular throughout Latin America, but is starting to spread throughout the world.  Everyone has probably seen salsa at some point in their life, whether at a bar, on TV, or in a dance class.  (Related topics: Los Cabos tours)

So, where did the famous salsa originate?  It dates back to the 1900s, where it started in Eastern Cuba.  The two main styles were Cuban son and Afro-Cuban rumba, which used musical instruments to make the rhythm of salsa. Around 50 years after it started, it reached Havana, where American jazz and other Cuban music put their own influence on the genre.  Salsa jumped in popularity, however, after Fania Records, a famous music label, worked with artists who are now known as salsa legends.

As salsa started to spread through Latin America, different styles started to form depending on the region.  Some of the popular styles are Salsa Casino (Cuban), Afro-Latino style, Cali style (Colombia), and New York Style.  And of course, you can find salsa all over Mexico.  While you’re in Cabo San Lucas, you can take dancing classes or learn how to dance salsa in Cabo nightlife.  The best way to learn is in Cabo nightlife because you’ll meet locals eager to teach you!

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