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Checklist of Things to Bring with You on a Whale Watching Trip

The animal kingdom is full of marvelous events that we still know so little about, although every now and again some lucky people are able to witness these times and boast to their peers about the natural phenomenon they have seen. Now, due to common observation of some animals, we are able to determine when certain events will likely occur. One, in particular, is located in the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula where in the months of January to March, you can witness Humpback whales breaching the water in spectacular fashion to attract mates.

There are plenty of Cabo San Lucas tours that you can take advantage of. This article will take a look at what things you need to bring with you on our whale-watching Los Cabos tours to make it the best experience possible.


It is good to enjoy these moments with your own eyes to really take in the event you are seeing, but you also want to have something that you can take away with you to relive those memories. So, make sure to bring a camera with you to take some pictures that can allow you to look back at this time.

Spare Clothes

Bring spare clothes with you as these large majestic creatures will be breaching the surface right before your very eyes and there is a chance you may feel the wrath of that displaced water!

Sun Lotion

In this part of the world, the sun will be shining at full force and you need to take the correct precautionary measures to protect your skin from the negative side effects of the sun. Just a few hours exposed to the rays of the sun can leave your skin burned, which could ruin the rest of your holiday.

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You don’t want to be squinting when looking at the whales because the sun is in your eyes, so come prepared and bring a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Your body needs food and water in order for you to stay satiated and hydrated and being on the water for a long period of time; you need to come prepared to avoid any illness during and after the event.

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