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Celebrating Benito Juarez Day

Benito Juarez was the president of Mexico from 1861 to 1872, and he is widely acknowledged in Mexico as a national hero.  He came from a poor background but became a well-educated politician.  In fact, he was the first person from a fully indigenous background to become a governor of a Mexican state, which he then continued to become president.  He is seen as a national hero for his many accomplishments. (Related topics: Only Cabo ToursLos Cabos tours, Cabo tours)

Benito Juarez is famously known for his resistance against the intervention of the French during his time in office.  His ability to fight for Mexico and get it through difficult times during his presidency gained him popularity throughout Mexico.  He led the government through other difficult times, including the Reform War, the Second Empire, and the republic´s restoration.  In addition, he is known for promoting indigenous people´s rights.  Because of all of these reasons, Benito Juarez Day is celebrated on every third Monday of March.

On this day, many businesses, schools, and government offices are closed.  This holiday is celebrated by locals and visitors alike with a range of activities, including parades, competitions, fireworks, dances, food, and more.  Along with the many other great things to experience in Los Cabos, it´s important to be informed of the holidays and cultural events while you´re here.  There´s no better way to experience a city than by participating in the local traditions and learning more about the rich history.  Not only will you be more informed, but you’ll receive a unique experience.

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Since many businesses will be closed on this day, make sure to plan accordingly.  At Only Cabo Tours, we will help you plan Los Cabos tours on this day, as well as the rest of your trip.  If you have any questions over this holiday, or need any assistance while you’re in Cabo San Lucas, don´t hesitate to call us!

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