Cabo´s Arches Are Waiting for You to Set Sail

Is it a bar? Is it a boat? Is it a cruise? Is it a buffet or maybe a club? Answer: All of the above! The Cabo Sunset Cruise is the perfect additional getaway to your already perfect getaway in Cabo San Lucas. This evening begins with a cruise tour of some of Cabo’s beautiful landmarks such as the world-famous Land’s End and the popular Arch. Then, as the night begins, so does the music. The double decker catamaran offers a lively dance floor and music on the top deck and an all you can eat chicken and beef fajita buffet on the lower deck. Not to mention, the cruise also has ultimate cocktails and a bottomless open bar. If you don’t like your drinks, well, you can add an optional upgrade to get the top-shelf drinks when on the ship. Children ages 6-11 are also welcomed to enjoy this Cabo Tour; however, it will get rowdy.

If you want a more family-oriented cruising experience, Only Cabo Tours offers the Fiesta Dinner Cruise. You’ll be able to take a more relaxing cruise with our partner, Cabo Mar. Don’t worry though, this double decker cruise also features an authentic Mexican Taco Buffet and an open international bar! You’ll even get to do a little more sightseeing with this cruise and meet the Sea Lion colony of Cabo. Perfect opportunity to make memories with the entire family!

If you’re ready to set sail over the beautiful waters of Cabo, feel free to contact us and ask about our Cabo Sunset Cruiseor our Fiesta Dinner Cruise to any of our expert advisors. If you want to see what else the waters of Cabo San Lucas have to offer, ask about Cabo San Lucas Fishing ToursCabo San Lucas Snorkeling ToursWhale Watching Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Lucas Kayak Tours.

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