Cabo sunset cruise

Cabo Sunset Cruises

When you come to Cabo San Lucas, you’ll have a lot of activities available to you.  Although many people spend most of their time at the beach, not everything you have to do has to be inside the water.  Not only are there ATV tours and horseback riding, but there are also Cabo sunset cruises.  Sunset cruises will take you to the best sailing spots in Los Cabos, where you can watch the sunset and have a cocktail.  For those of you that have never gone before, here’s what you need to know.

What To Wear

This is the perfect opportunity to take great pictures with your friends and loved ones.  That being said, don’t be afraid to throw a cute outfit together for great picture opportunities.  On this tour, there are no dressing requirements, but wear something that you’ll be comfortable in.  Depending on the time of the year, evenings can get a little chilly, so some people choose to bring a sweater.

What To Bring 

The sun goes down late in Los Cabos, so the sun will probably still be strong when your tour starts.  That’s why you should bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you.  Other than that, everything else will be provided for you.

What To Expect

At Only Cabo Tours, we have different tours to choose from.  Some have champagne, others have an open bar, and some even have dinner included.  In addition, you can choose which tour you want depending on what type of night you’re looking for.  Although some tours are kid-friendly, others are meant for couples looking for a romantic night together.

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If you’re interested in a Cabo sunset cruise, contact us to discuss which one best fits your needs.

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