Your holiday is one of the most important periods of the year. This is when you finally get to relax, enjoy the things you like the most and recharge your batteries for another period of work and routine. While planning your holiday is extremely important, you should not neglect the[…]
What is the best gift you can offer to someone dear to you? An experience. The experience is the best possible gift because it is something that will help create lasting memories for a lifetime. There is no better way to celebrate an event or a special occasion than to[…]
Cabo San Lucas is a magical city, having just about everything you can dream from the sea, sun, relaxation, extreme adventures, fine dining etc. If you are interested to find out the cheapest time to visit Cabo, when there are fewer crowds, keep reading. If you choose to head to[…]
There is a first time for everything and if you are looking at Cabo San Lucas kayak tours it’s probably because you enjoy kayaking.  Here are some basics & some preparation tips. The first thing is to pack lightly. However, you should include at least one towel and a change of clothes.[…]
Are you looking for some extra adrenaline while on your holiday in Cabo? Well, this destination has so many things to offer in terms of fun and adventures- Cabo extreme adventures is waiting for you, all you have to do is bring your good mood with you! Outdoor ziplining &[…]
If your main hobby is fishing, then Cabo has so many things to offer. Choose a gorgeous fishing tour in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy your hobby at the next level. For example, there are many all-inclusive all day fishing trips available. You will hop onboard of a charter fishing[…]
While in Cabo San Lucas, you will come across dozens of great activities filled with adrenaline and beauty. With the Cabo zip line tours, you will indeed have the chance to fly carefree just like a bird above the beaches and the seas below. You will glide across beautiful canyons[…]
A camel safari Cabo tour will take you on an amazing experience. You can get away from the crowds for a few hours and enjoy a different experience. Such tours last typically 3 hours and they are guided. You will receive all the required instructions and the safety gear that[…]