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Airport Transportation Services in Los Cabos

Traveling to a different country is an exciting experience in which you’ll encounter a new culture, while participating in fun excursions.  When you’re preparing for your trip, you’re probably planning all of the fun activities that you want to do such as Cabo fishing tourswhale watching in Los Cabos, or sunset cruises in Cabo San Lucas.  Excitement aside, though, many people also feel a little nervous about traveling to a foreign country.  For that reason, we offer airport transportation so that you have one less thing to plan for your vacation.  Here are a couple of reasons that people prefer to use our airport transportation services.

Language Barrier

If you don’t speak Spanish, you may feel nervous about trying to get a taxi once your plan lands.  Although there will be many taxis outside, you may not feel confident that you’ll be able to properly communicate with them.

Airport Workers

When you land in Mexico, you will go through customs and then walk through a room full of workers.  These workers will pretend to help you find transportation but many of them are really trying to sell you timeshares.  It can be overwhelming being in a room full of people trying to “help you”, especially when you just need to find transportation.  If you already have transportation arranged, you won’t accidentally waste your time talking to these people while you’re looking for transportation.


One benefit of using our services is that you won’t have any surprise prices at the end of your taxi ride.  We have a variety of prices depending on what kind of car you want and how many people will be in the car.

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If you use our airport transportation services, you can feel confident that you will have a reliable ride to your hotel.  When you arrive, we’ll be waiting for you at TENT #6 with an “” logo sign.  We will also provide water to you as well as beer if you reserved private transportation.

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